Laborie Wines are known and loved all over South Africa and Internationally.  The range consists of a trio of Methode Cap Classique sparkling wines,  a selection of Whites and Reds and a quality dry Rose.  The limited selection of Taillefert Wines is the official range of Laborie Estate. Taking its name from the French Huguenots who were granted the farm in 1691, the Taillefert range remains true to its French roots and currently consists of Taillefert Crémant De Taillefert Brut (MCC), Taillefert Pinot Noir and Taillefert Chardonnay. The Laborie and Taillefert Wines ranges are available for tasting and for purchase from the Estate’s tasting room and wine shop.

Wine Tastings / Sales at Laborie Estate

Wine Tasting and Wine Sales from Monday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm.