Farm Grocer


The Farm Grocer provides quality, locally sourced, seasonal and homemade produce to people who value healthier eating and a higher sustainability standard.

We believe in supporting local farmers, growers, and artisans by showcasing the very best produce in our community. Supporting local really matters to us but we are happy to offer goods from further afield where they’re asked for.


You can expect fresh seasonal produce from nearby fields, pasture-fed meat, fresh dairy products, traditionally-made cheeses and charcuterie plus all the extras to make meals sing.

You will find both pantry essentials and specialist items for your cupboards. These include a tempting selection of locally made goodies to complement all our food, most of it from family-run, small artisan producers as passionate about quality and flavour as we are.

Farm Grocer
Farm Grocer

Pasture-raised eggs


We now stock freshly laid Boschendal eggs. These true free-range, pasture-raised farm eggs are packed with nutrients because the hens roam the land freely feeding on natural vegetation and grubs. Mobile chicken tractors provide shelter and they are moved around the farm allowing the hens to peck and scratch at the soil.


In French they would call it “la cave”, but we like to call it our wine shop.

Our specialist wine shop offers a fantastic curated selection of the best locally produced wines with a focus on the Groot Drakenstein area.

We are open Mondays – Saturdays from 11:00.

Wine Shop
Farm Grocer


Enjoyed that aioli with your steak at Stoep? Stoep products are now available at the Farm Grocer so you can take a little of Laborie home with you. From soups, sauces, freshly made pasta and frozen meals to tasty sweet treats.

Cakes are also available for order. Choose between carrot, chocolate, or a classic red velvet cake with a beetroot twist! Contact the Farm Grocer to place your cake order.



We are fortunate that everywhere you look in our local area something is growing and there is an abundance of tasty seasonal produce. We especially try to seek out the people who grow their food that little bit more carefully, slowly and responsibly, often on a smaller scale. Our Organic Produce box is a weekly box filled with fresh organic produce. Every week’s Organic Produce might differ a little in content depending on what’s available seasonally. 

Farm Grocer
Farm Grocer

The Boer and Butcher

The Farm Grocer is now home to The Boer and Butcher’s second home in Paarl. Stock up on your braai essentials along with fresh produce, wine, pantry staples, and sweet treats.


Wherever they come from, we go out of our way to find producers who develop their goods with great care and a local spirit, often small businesses relying on natural ingredients and an emphasis on sustainability.

If you would like to be stocked in our shop, please contact us

Best of local and beyond